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Long days, weeks without a break, changing work times, can all lead to unhealthy disruptions to our sleep and sleep patterns. Bear with some of the tips you’ll commonly see about sleep, as we all know setting a consistent bedtime and wake time is not likely an option - which makes accessing the right resources for you that more important. We have listed some helpful resources below to help you with sleep and/or fatigue:


Managing Fatigue

The BC Council of Film Unions Master Agreement and the Directors Guild of Canada, BC District Council Collective Agreement on fatigue.

Coping Better with Night Work

This web tutorial was made for everybody who has to work nights, either occasionally or full-time.

Brainwave: App for Sleep

Programs for Focus, Relaxation, Sleep, Power Nap, Anxiety Relief, Meditation & More 

Sleep On It

This awareness campaign aims to promote the importance of sleep to maintain good health, to demystify sleep difficulties, and to offer solutions to Canadians.

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