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Benefits Plan

Employee/Member Assistance Program (MAP/EAP)

Name of Provider: Telus Health

Counselling / Intake Phone Number: +1-800-387-4765

Provider Website:

App for Download: Yes - Telus Health One 

About Program: The Member and Family Assistance Plan (MAP) is a confidential counselling and referral service available to all DGC members in Active Good Standing, including spouse and dependent children – regardless of coverage level. Services are provided through Morneau Shepell, a leading provider of member and family assistance programs. The MAP’s professional and confidential support and customized resources are available to help you deal with a wide array of personal and work-life issues… before they spiral out of control. Services are available in multiple languages and can be accessed in a variety of ways (phone, email, internet, phone apps, live online chat, and video).

Please note: Members who are first-time users require an invitation from the DGC to set up an account. If you cannot find the invitation that was sent to you, please contact, and you’ll receive a new invitation within 1 business day.

Addiction/Rehabilitation Programs & Treatment Funding

Addiction specific resource/provider, and/or MAP/EA:


Funding/reimbursement for Treatment/Rehabilitation:

  • What is the benefit: When a MAP counsellor recommends in/out-patient treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction, DGC Benefits offers financial support.

  • Amount Available: Up to a lifetime maximum of $10,000 of coverage for eligible expenses.

  • Eligibility & Terms: This benefit is offered for members only. Family members are not eligible for this program. Must be referred for treatment through the MAP.

  • How to Access: Start by contacting the Telus Health Care Access Centre (the MAP) at 1 833 366 1602. [note different phone number]

  • Do I Need a Referral: Must be referred through the MAP +1 833-366-1602.

  • Union or Benefit provider contact for inquiries/making a claim: J&D Benefits/AGA Benefit Solutions (Above)

Extended Health Benefits Specific to Mental Health:

What is the Benefit/Value: Up to $3000/year. Expenses for registered/licensed practitioners, including: psychologists and social workers, psychotherapists in BC, ON and QC only, and registered clinical counselors in BC only, are eligible at the paramedical reimbursement rate for your coverage level, up to a combined maximum of $3,000 per person per year.

Eligibility: Members in Good Standing with Level I, Level II, or Level III coverage.

How to Claim: Submit expense claim for reimbursement via Canada Life.

Extended Health Benefit Plan Provider Name and Contact:

Short-Term Disability Program

Short-term Disability Administered by: J&D Benefits/AGA Benefits Solutions

Provider/Administrator: Canada Life

Contact Information:  +1-800-218-7018

Description of Benefits:If you’re unable to work due to a non-work-related/non-motor vehicle accident, illness or injury, DGC Benefits may offer financial protection, up to $1400/week for up to 26 weeks.

Eligibility: Members with Level II or Level III coverage with contributions within 12 months before the disability begins. Must be deemed totally disabled by Canada Life, and must be participating in an appropriate care and treatment program.

How to Access/open Claim:
Contact J&D Benefits/AGA Benefits Solutions for disability application forms / Or contact the DGC BC office +1-604-688-2976 for assistance.

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