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Benefits of Film (IATSE Local 891 ELHT)


J&D Benefits

Plan Administrator



Plan Administrators


Employee/Member Assistance Program (MAP/EAP)

Name of Provider: Family Services of Greater Vancouver

Counselling / Intake Phone Number: +1-800-667-0993

Provider Website:

App for Download: Yes -

About Program: FSEAP's EFAP short-term clinical counselling services are confidential and include the following:

24/7 Access and Crisis Support​

  • 1.800 Voice and TTY accessible from anywhere in North America

  • Multi-lingual

  • Offers immediate crisis support and stabilization, crisis counselling, assessment, and referral services

Personal Counselling

  • Effective short-term, professional counselling for individuals, couples, and families

  • Able to address a broad range of mental health issues and concerns that include:


  • anxiety, depression, stress, traumatic experiences

  • family and parenting concerns, relationship challenges

  • substance use concerns and addictions

  • grief/loss

  • struggles with change or life transitions, and more.

Addiction/Rehabilitation Programs & Treatment Funding

Funding/reimbursement for Treatment/Rehabilitation:

  • What is the benefit: Residential or non-residential rehab or detox for drug/alcohol misuse

  • Amount Available: 70% up to a lifetime max of $20,000/person

  • Eligibility & Terms: For 891 members and their eligible dependants.

  • How to Access: By contacting Health Benefits at Local 891.

  • Do I Need a Referral: For non-residential, the Plan requires either a referral from the member or dependent’s doctor, Family Services or Homewood Health (if the member is in receipt of STD/LTD benefits)

  • Union or Benefit provider contact for inquiries/making a claim: Local 891 @ +1-604-664-8914 or 

Extended Health Benefits Specific to Mental Health:

What is the Benefit/Value: $1400/calendar year for Registered Clinical Counsellor/ Psychologist/Social Worker per person.

Eligibility: For 891 members and their eligible dependants.

How to Claim:

Extended Health Benefit Plan Provider Name and Contact: Canada Life: +1-855-729-1839

Short-Term Disability Program

Short-term Disability Administered by: Homewood Health

Provider/Administrator: Homewood Health

Contact Information: +1-844-299-3380

Description of Benefits: STD benefits at $725/week to a max of 40 weeks.

Eligibility: Must have an active hour bank at the time of date of disability, etc

How to Access a Claim: Call Health Benefits at Local 891 to confirm initial eligibility.

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