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Pacific Blue Cross


Nicole Rempel

HR Generalist

+1-604-299-2232 or

Addiction/Rehabilitation Programs & Treatment Funding

Funding/reimbursement for Treatment/Rehabilitation: A maximum of $5,000 in drug and alcohol treatment/rehabilitation. A doctor’s note is required to refer the Member to treatment and required by PBC to be eligible for reimbursement

  • What is the benefit: Charges for the treatment of an addiction or habituation when performed at a recognized drug and alcohol treatment facility

  • Amount Available: $5,000 lifetime maximum

  • Eligibility & Terms: All active Members on the group benefits plan are eligible.

  • How to Access: Contact Nicole Rempel for more information and to submit doctor referral - +1-604-299-23232 or /

  • Do I Need a Referral: Yes, a referral is required by their physician prior to treatment.

  • Union or Benefit provider contact for inquiries/making a claim: Pacific Blue Cross or /

Extended Health Benefits Specific to Mental Health:

What is the Benefit/Value: $500.00 per year maximum

Eligibility: All active Members on the group plan are eligible.

How to Claim: to submit claim for reimbursement.

Extended Health Benefit Plan Provider Name and Contact: Pacific Blue Cross or +1-604-419-2601

Short-Term Disability Program

Short-term Disability Administered by: N/A

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