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Member Benefits Trust


Sarah King

MBT/RBS Benefits


Tunde Szamoskozi

Benefits Administrator

+1-604-689-0727 ext. 2231

Employee/Member Assistance Program (MAP/EAP)

Name of Provider: TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks)

Counselling / Intake Phone Number: +1-877-207-8833

Provider Website: (User ID: MBT, Password: Performers)

App for Download: Yes - iPhone - Android

About Program: Our Employee Assistance program (EAP) is managed by TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) and is designed to help you find the support, advice, and resources you need – no question is too small, no issue is too big.

The program provides confidential counselling, personal support, referrals to community resources, Life Articles, and an informative website featuring thousands of online resources. It’s fast, easy to use and completely confidential. It’s also available to you and your immediate family at no cost. Best of all, it’s there for you any time of the day or night, wherever you are.

Addiction/Rehabilitation Programs & Treatment Funding

Funding/reimbursement for Treatment/Rehabilitation:

  • What is the benefit: To provide eligible MBT members with financial assistance with the cost of in-patient and out-patient treatment for substance use disorder and addiction. 

  • Amount Available: $10,000 CAD lifetime

  • Eligibility & Terms: MBT Members must be in good standing with UBCP/ACTRA and attending a licensed and/ or accredited substance use facility, as set out in MBT Substance Use Disorder Benefit Policy.

  • How to Access: Contact Sarah King at

  • Union or Benefit provider contact for inquiries/making a claim: Contact Sarah King at

Extended Health Benefits Specific to Mental Health:

What is the Benefit/Value: Eligible members and dependents in class levels 2 through 7 have coverage for the professional services offered by psychologists, registered social workers, or registered clinical counselors. Reimbursement is 95% to an annual maximum is $500 for those members in class 2 through 5 and $800 for those members in classes 6 and 7. The per visit dollar cap on professional services does not apply to counselling services but reimbursement is subject to the reasonable and customary charges as established by GSC.  

Members can also use their Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) for reimbursement of counselling services. 

Please consult the GSC benefit booklet for more detailed information regarding the coverage for professional services or contact the MBT office at +1-604-689-0727 ext. 2261 or 2231 or via email: You can also log in to your GSC account at to download a copy of the benefits booklet, check benefit eligibility, and submit claims. 

How to Claim: Providers can submit claims directly to GSC or members can submit claims online at

Extended Health Benefit Plan Provider Name and Contact: Green Shield Canada, +1-888-711-1119 or online at

Short-Term Disability Program

Short-term Disability Administered by: Please contact the MBT office at 604-689-0727 ext. 2261 or 2231 or via email at for more information on the disability program, to inquire about your eligibility for benefits, and to obtain claim forms. 

Description of Benefits: Eligible members may qualify for up to 52 weeks of short-term disability benefits should they be unable to work due to illness or injury. Eligible members who are unable to return to work after 52 weeks may transition to the long-term disability program.


Short Term Disability: Minimum average of $17,500 in earnings over the 3 calendar years prior to the current benefit year.


Long Term Disability: Minimum average of $35,000 in earnings over the 3 calendar years prior to the current benefit year. 

How to Access a Claim: Contact the MBT office at 604-689-0727 ext. 2261 or 2231 or via email at for claim forms.

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