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A Champion is an advocate, supporter, and promoter of Calltime Mental Health.

The Champions Campaign is a community of individuals dedicated to promoting and sharing the Calltime Mental Health & Addiction Campaign's website, social media posts, resources, and promotions with your film / motion picture sector colleagues and networks, on and off set.


The goals of the Champions Campaign is to increase the campaign visibility, reduce stigma in the motion picture and entertainment production sector, and to ensure people have access to the information and resources they need, when they need it.

As a Calltime Champion you will...
Share Blog Posts

Calltime publishes blog posts twice a month. You will receive an email with graphics to post to your personal social media.

Spread the Word

Spread the word about the Calltime Campaign and available resources from Calltime's website at work/on set.

Share Posters

Place posters and leaflets of the Calltime Campaign at your film set, or place of work. Anywhere where you think it might help someone.

Share Promotional Materials

Use available promotional items to identify as a Calltime Champion.


Once you apply and are confirmed we'll share further details with you. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in supporting the Calltime Mental Health campaign!


What is the Champions Campaign?


The Champions Campaign is a group of motion picture sector members who want to actively participate in promoting and sharing Calltime Mental Health content, resources and promotions with their colleagues and networks, on and off set. This is not a peer support program, although Champions will be encouraged to take training and programs that will make them an aware and prepared support for mental health.


This opportunity is open to anyone affiliated with or working in the Motion Picture sector, including but not limited to film union members, their family members, studios, suppliers and service providers.


While Calltime campaign content may feature information specific to British Columbia’s Motion Picture and allied entertainment sectors, most content is helpful and relevant for people in other regions and other sectors.


How can I expect to Contribute?


A Champion will be dedicated to promoting and sharing the Calltime Mental Health website content, social media posts, resources, and promotions with the film / motion picture sector colleagues and networks, on and off set. Promotional materials can be picked up from any Union office in Vancouver's Lower Mainland.


What do I need to know before becoming a Champion?


You understand that the scope of the Champion role is to share and distribute Calltime Mental Health campaign materials and resources, and to be an positive ambassador for the campaign on and off set. This is not a peer support role, although you may independently undertake training and workshops that will help you become more aware of mental health issues, and how to support others.


You agree to receiving regular communications from the Calltime campaign via email, social media messages & post sharing, and text to provide you with content to share with your network. You also agree to attend (or view recordings of) any Champion orientation sessions and trainings (online for now, in-person possibly in the future), and to pick up any promotional items for sharing on set/at work or in the community.


I submitted the form. What now?


You will be added to the Calltime Mental Health email list and will be ready to receive the first Calltime blog post to share to your social media channels.


I do not want to be a Champion anymore. Can I opt out?


Yes. If you unsubscribe from any of the Calltime emails, or email, we will remove you from the Champions Campaign.

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