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ICG 669

IATSE 667/669 Group Benefit Plan


Leta Kennedy

Plan Administrator

+1 778-329-4455 

Mary Miskic

Benefit Co-ordinator

+1 416-368-0072

Employee/Member Assistance Program (MAP/EAP)

Name of Provider: LifeWorks

Counselling / Intake Phone Number: +1-800-387-4765

Provider Website: – username: IATSE   password: Camera

App for Download: Yes - iPhone - Android

About Program: LifeWorks offers support with mental, financial, physical and emotional wellbeing. Whether you have questions about handling stress at work and home, parenting and child care, managing money, or health issues, you can turn to LifeWorks for a confidential service that you can trust.

Addiction/Rehabilitation Programs & Treatment Funding

Addiction specific resource/provider, and/or MAP/EA:

  • Name: LifeWorks (in-patient and/or out-patient rehab) +1-866-769-8522

  • Website: – username: IATSE   password: Camera

  • App: Yes - iPhone - Android

  • Name: Alavida (Virtual Rehab) +1-888-315-4617

  • Website:

  • App: Yes


Funding/reimbursement for Treatment/Rehabilitation:

  • What is the benefit: Alcohol and Drug Counselling Programs

  • Amount Available: $20,000 lifetime

  • Eligibility & Terms: Regardless of benefit level, members and eligible dependants have access to an inpatient/ outpatient or virtual substance abuse programs.

  • How to Access: LifeWorks 1-866-769-8522 or Alavida 1-888-315-4617

  • Do I Need a Referral: An assessment should be done first whenever possible.  The number to call for LifeWorks is 1-866-769-8522 and the number for Alavida is 1-888-315-4617.

  • Union or Benefit provider contact for inquiries/making a claim: Leta Kennedy at 778-329-4455 or direct by calling either the phone numbers above for LifeWorks and Alavida.

Extended Health Benefits Specific to Mental Health:

What is the Benefit/Value: Up to a maximum of $2,000 per plan year (Apr 1-Mar 31)

Eligibility: All members in good standing and their eligible dependents regardless of benefit level or age.  No referral is required.

How to Claim: Either directly via Canada Life’s GroupNet app, or GroupNet web portal or by making a paper claim and mailing it directly to Canada Life.

Extended Health Benefit Plan Provider Name and Contact: Canada Life: +1-855-729-1839

Short-Term Disability Program

Short-term Disability Administered by: Canada Life

Provider/Administrator: Leta Kennedy, Plan Administrator

Contact Information: +1-866-366-9667

Description of Benefits: Weekly disability benefit of $700 per week for up to 26 weeks of continued disability.

For Eligibility & How to Access a Claim: Download


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