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New Logo, Branding and Website Launch

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

May 2 – 8, 2022 is Canada’s Mental Health Week, so what better time to launch the new version of the Calltime Mental Health campaign website!

Delivering a combination of new and updated content, the new website platform and design will allow us to deliver more content in a more accessible and clear way.

We have plans for new content specific to mental health and addictions issues both generally, and specific to those of us working in motion pictures and performing arts.

We have also crafted a new Calltime campaign logo and colour scheme that we will be using to create a consistent look and feel across platforms and social media, and for build awareness and reach in our sector, and beyond.

So welcome to our new web home. Whether you’re new to Calltime Mental Health or you’re a returning visitor to our website, here are a few highlights to check out on this site:

Blog: Browse our blog posts covering a range of relevant and timely mental health topics and celebrating specific local, national and international days of awareness. Check out the new post about Mental Health week we just posted, and watch for new posts every month. (If you have ideas for mental health and addiction related topics we should cover, in particular those relevant to our sector, please send them to us using the contact us page.)

Learning Centre: Looking to support others in their mental health and wellbeing? Check out our two mental health course streams in the learning centre, one for peer support, and one for leaders/managers who want to better support their teams. The learning is delivered in short modules you can easily read here on the site, or you can download the comprehensive e-book available for each course stream.

Union Resources: The Calltime Mental Health Campaign is an initiative of the six British Columbia Film Sector Unions - IATSE 891, ICG 669, Teamsters 155, UBCP/ACTRA, ACFC West Local 2020 Unifor, and DGC BC and their associated Health Benefit plans. If you are a member of one (or more) of these unions you may be eligible for a number of mental health and addiction related benefits and services. Visit the Union Benefits section, select your union and look for information on your Employee/Member Assistance Program; Extended Health coverage for psychological services; addiction services and/or funding for addiction treatment; and short term disability information.

Resources: This section provides links to community and health services suitable for everyone. Whether you are looking for help and information for yourself, a family member, friend, or someone you work with, check out the resource section topics and browse the resources and links. And as an open free public resource feel free to share the link to our resources with family and friends.

Our Campaign Video: Created when the Call time campaign was first launching the incredible video was created and produced by volunteers from the BC Motion Picture Sector. Here stories of challenge and hope from real life members of the BC motion picture sector. We Can Help – you don’t have to do this alone. Check out the video HERE.

We hope you find this new site accessible and easy to navigate, and a source of useful information, training, and support for yourself and those you care about. Spread the word, share the link on social media, tell others about the resources, and remember the site and share it when you see someone struggling.

Calltime Mental Health – no call time has ever been more important.

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