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New Calltime Podcast Launches June 26, 2023

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Calltime Mental Health is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Calltime Mental Health Podcast, a platform dedicated to providing support, information, and reducing stigma related to mental health and substance concerns within the film and entertainment industry. For over five years, we’ve been expanding the reach and content of our campaign to promote mental wellness, and this podcast is an exciting new addition to our efforts.

Hosted by Gregg Taylor, Clinical Counselor, President of FSEAP Vancouver, and consultant to Calltime Mental Health, the podcast aims to create a safe space for open conversations, amplify important voices, and provide valuable insights into the mental health challenges faced by those working in our industry.

Throughout the season, Gregg will be joined by guests with an intimate knowledge of the film and entertainment sector, and experts with mental health expertise. From financial empowerment and accessing resources during times of crisis, to Indigenous Mental Health and Psychological Health and Safety, each episode will offer valuable perspectives and practical advice.

The first episode, launching June 26, 2023, will feature Alexis Hinde, Assistant Business Agent at the Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia (DGCBC) as she talks about the realities of working in the film sector, how the Calltime Campaign came about, her personal story of challenge and recovery, and tips for getting help.

Listen to the podcast trailer, embedded below, for a sneak peek into the engaging discussions and powerful stories that await:

The Calltime Mental Health Podcast will officially launch in Summer 2023, with a new episode released at the end of each month until December. The Podcast will be accessible on popular platforms such as:

To stay updated on new episodes, make sure to follow and subscribe to the Calltime Mental Health Podcast on your preferred podcast platform. By doing so, there will not only be valuable insights and support for your own mental well-being but also contribute to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health in our industry.

Want to become an active promoter of mental health and addiction resources?

Join us in promoting the podcast, sharing episodes, and encouraging others in the film industry to listen. You will play a crucial role in spreading awareness and fostering a culture of support and understanding.

To help us promote not just the podcast but all monthly new Calltime content and resources, then consider becoming a Calltime Champion. To receive updates on our campaign, resources, and initiatives to share with your networks, go to and sign up today.

Together, let's support one another, break down barriers, and promote mental wellness in the film and entertainment industry through the power of the Calltime Mental Health Podcast.

Thank you for your ongoing support!


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