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Addiction: Signs, Symptoms, and Pathways to Recovery

The latest science is now making the clear connection between addiction, past trauma, and mental health conditions. To help us understand this better, for ourselves and those we love, we are excited to present the webinar below featuring Ross Laird, a clinical consultant whose work is focused on trauma, addiction and social vulnerability. He is a best-selling author, award-winning scholar and educator, and clinical supervisor for BC’s largest licensed non-profit program in addictions and mental health.

During this 77 minute webinar delivered to members of UBCP/ACTRA and Calltime Mental Health on August 30, 2022, Ross offers insights into signs and symptoms of addiction and explores pathways to recovery.

Ross says that “addictions, trauma and mental health challenges are not separate things for most people. They are just different layers of the same thing – and maybe that’s the most important thing to understand about addictions. Addiction is not about ‘using’ or drinking, it’s about what doing that lets you get away from – what the ‘using’ allows you to escape from" (i.e. suffering and distress).

In this webinar Ross looks at the the relationships between addiction, trauma, and mental health, the 4 key types of stress responses, the 4 stress adaptations, and the 4 essential experiences we all need for health and recovery.

Watch the video in one viewing, or in segments through your day or week. Below it are links to specific segments of the presentation.


Introduction – 0:00 – 4:58

4 Layers of Experience – 4:59 – 11:50

The Key Dynamic – 11:51 – 14:50

Risks – 14:51 – 23:45

Trauma (stress responses) – 23:46 – 31:09

Stress Adaptations – 31:10 – 37:40

Addiction – 37:41 – 50:02

Moving Forward – 50:03 – 59:41

Healing – 59:42 – 1:16:55

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