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Racism, intergenerational trauma, and subsequent lateral violence, have dramatic impacts on Indigenous mental health. At Vancouver Aboriginal Health Society (VAHS) we are committed to ensuring Indigenous people receive culturally responsive, compassionate mental and emotional health care. It is in this spirit that we provide the resources listed below.


There are several organizations based in BC that offer Indigenous, culturally focused support. Talking to some who gets it—who shares aspects and understanding of your lived experience—can make an incredible difference to your health. Here are six mental health resources that we recommend.


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Book an Elder Program with Vancouver Aboriginal Health Society and get the support of an Elder to address your mental health concerns. Email:

The KUU-US Crisis Line Society

24-hour Crisis Line for Adults, Elders & Youth

Toll-free line: 1-800-588-8717


Indian Residential School Survivors Society Support line for Survivors and Family.

Toll-free line: 1-800-721-0066

Hope for Wellness Online Chat and Helpline

24-hour Crisis Line for Adults, Elders & Youth

Toll-free line: 1-855-242-3310

First Nations Health Authority
Psychiatry & Addictions Services

To get a referral to these services, please contact your health and wellness provider. For information about the program and referrals process, visit:

Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society 

Substance Abuse and Treatment Centre

Toll-free line: 1-888-403-3123

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VAHS is a not-for-profit organization offering urban Indigenous-focused health and social services. For more than 30 years, we have delivered programs by and for urban Indigenous people in Vancouver to support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Through services that focus on building relationships and connections, we address inequities in the health care system and promote empowered, healthy communities.


Current VAHS services include a full-scope Primary Care Clinic, a Dental Clinic, a cultural wellness program led by Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers, and Indigenous Early Years programs for children and families. VAHS will be opening a new Healing Centre, with dedicated outdoor spaces for land-based healing, at 52–92 East Hastings in Fall 2023.


To learn more, please visit us online at

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