Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention; Information on Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Resources

Immediate access to barrier-free, non-judgemental, confidential support and follow-up through 24/7 phone lines and online services. Crisis Centre BC also offers education and training programs that promote mental wellness and equip schools, organizations and communities to assist people at risk of suicide

An online and telephone service for Suicide Prevention

Of the 4,000 suicide deaths in our country each year, almost one in four involve alcohol. Research shows that heavy drinking may increase the risk of suicide by impairing decision making and making self-regulation more difficult.

There is no single way or “right” way to cope with a death by suicide. Everyone’s relationship with the person who has died is different. This means the loss will affect people differently. This This toolkit covers topics such as:

  • Strategies for coping with a death by suicide

  • Resources and crisis planning

  • How to support someone who has lost someone to suicide

  • Hopeful messages for people living with suicide loss

There is no single way or “right” way to cope with thoughts of suicide. People will experience thoughts of suicide differently and therefore, coping with these thoughts will be different for every individual. This toolkit covers topic such as…

  • Strategies to help cope with thoughts of suicide

  • How to communicate feelings of suicide and thoughts of suicide

  • Coping suggestions, crisis planning, and resources

  • How to support a loved one who is having thoughts of suicide

  • Suicide Facts

  • Why do people attempt to die by suicide?

  • The role of trauma and childhood experiences


Mental Health for Leaders and Mental Health for Individuals is a series of modules to help you recognize mental health and addiction issues, signs, and symptoms, and how to assist you and your fellow crew and union members get the support needed to be mentally, physically, and emotionally well, both at work and at home.