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Showcasing Calltime Mental Health Training & Resources

Did you miss it? On September 27th, 2023, Actsafe hosted a webinar featuring the Calltime Campaign and the recording is now available free for viewing. TItled , Showcasing Calltime Mental Health Training & Resources, the webinar provided an opportunity for Calltime to showcase the latest resources on the Calltime website.

Join Calltime Committee President, Christina Kasperczyk, who discusses the roots of the campaign and the successes the Society has had so far. Mental Health expert, Gregg Taylor from FSEAP, then provides excellent mental health models and information, helpful to individuals for themselves and also how to support others, all followed by a Q&A session.

Watch the replay to learn how to:

  • Locate resources and features of the Calltime Campaign including their website, training, blogs, podcasts and Champions program.

  • Know what mental health and addictions resources are available through the British Columbia motion picture industry unions and guilds.

  • Increase your awareness of how uncertainty and stressful work and life events can affect our mental health.

  • Describe mental health models, including the Mental Health Continuum, to consider the state of your mental wellbeing and that of others around you.

  • Know how to have a conversation with someone you notice is struggling

Calltime would like to thank Actsafe for showcasing Calltime Mental Health. To learn more about Actsafe and its campaigns, head to

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