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About 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. and Canada has symptoms of a mental health disorder, a substance-abuse disorder, or both.

Knowing how to have delicate conversations around mental health is a learned skill. We have directed you to some general mental health resources below in order to obtain a better understanding of mental health and the resources available to you and your peers:


Room For Her

Get the mental health support you need without the expense and inconvenience of traditional therapies.

Mental Health Assessment

Is it time to see a therapist? A brief questionnaire to help you determine your overall mental health and break the unhealthy cognitive, emotional and behavioural patterns.

Work-Life Balance Quiz

Yes, achieving a work life balance can be challenging, but can you tell when you’re a bit off-kilter? Take the quiz and find out about your own personal balance.

Facing Your Feelings: Overcoming Distress Intolerance

The Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) resource guide and techniques to facing distress.

Wellness Together

Free mental health and substance use support.

Self Care Worksheets

How to Practice Self-Care: 10+ Worksheets and 12 Ideas.

What is Mental Health & Mental Illness

Resources page of the Canadian Labour Congress on mental health at work and why mental health matters to unions.

Workplace Strategies for Mentalhealth

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health website – where you’ll find tools and resources for workplace mental health and psychological safety.

Anger Management Test (Assessment)

A brief assessment and personalized interpretation on your anger score.

Mental Health Meter

Test your Mental Health by taking this short and fun assessment brought to you by Canadian Mental Health Association.

Work-Life Balance - Make it Your Business

A resource guide to helping you get back in balance with the overload of life’s stresses.

Mental Health First Aid

World-class mental health course and resources for effective overall wellness for all.


A juggler who uses YouTube to educate others about mental health while teaching people how to juggle

Mindful Tools

Resources to learn more about mindfulness, how it might help, and to try out simple practices.

Virtual Mental Health Supports

Virtual services are available for British Columbians who are experiencing anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges.

Feeling Angry?

Strategies and solutions to help you cope with anger from the Canadian Mental Heath Association.

What's Your Stress Index?

Are you stressed out? Stress is a normal human reaction that happens to everyone, as long as your taking care of your self mentally and physically. Take this quiz and find out what your stress index is!

Headspace App (ioS & Android)

A few minutes can change your day. A guided medication and mindfulness app.

BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

Mental health and substance use information and resources is a click away.

Bounce Back

A free skill-building program designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry

General Info on Mental Health

Links and Resources offered by the Canadian Mental Health Association.

If you want to talk to someone

Here's a list of resources that might help including national crisis hotlines and other resources.

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