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Depression has been compared to having a brick lodged between your rib cage; a heavy feeling that makes thinking, moving, and living your normal life an enormous effort. It’s common that people don’t know exactly why they are feeling the way they do, though their experience of the symptoms is very real. Depression is usually not caused by one thing but rather a combination of different factors. Everyone experiences depression differently and it’s not always that obvious, so we have listed some helpful resources below:


Antidepressant Skills Workbook

A scientifically researched, self care manual with strategies to help manage depression.

Dealing with Depression: Antidepressant Skills for Teens

A guided workbook for teens explaining depression and its three main antidepressant skills one can use to help overcome or prevent it. 

Antidepressant Skills @ Work

A workbook for those who work with, manage or care for those with low mood or who have mild or major depression.

Books on Depression

The 11 Best Books for Depression of 2022. Find solace and healing in these helpful books by mental health experts

Managing Depression

A Self-help Skills Resource for Women Living with Depression During Pregnancy, After Delivery and Beyond - Workbook

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