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Podcast Episode 5 - Fostering Mental Health on Set

In Episode 5 of the Calltime Mental Health Podcast, host Gregg Taylor is joined by Dagan Nish, Safety Advisor at Actsafe. Gregg and Dagan explore mental health models and programs for improving mental health on sets and in the workplace.

Learn how you can help support mental wellbeing and psychological safety on set. This episode focuses on ways people in the film and entertainment industry can support mental health on set, and discusses training that is available for those who want to build their knowledge and confidence. Accessing these programs will allow union and non-union members to foster and protect mental health on set and continue to end the stigma.

What is Actsafe?

Actsafe Safety Association is a not-for-profit health and safety association supporting British Columbia’s arts and entertainment industries.

Since 1998, we have been serving our industries by providing resources and training to employers, workers, and supervisors to achieve a healthy and safe workplace. We are always here to provide information relevant to best practices around health and safety in the arts and entertainment industries in British Columbia.

Please watch “What is Actsafe?” video to learn more about Actsafe!

Calltime Podcast

The Calltime Mental Health podcast aims to create a safe space for open conversations, amplify important voices, and provide valuable insights into the mental health challenges faced by those working in our industry.

Throughout the season, Gregg will be joined by guests with an intimate knowledge of the film and entertainment sector, and experts with mental health expertise. From financial empowerment and accessing resources during times of crisis, to Indigenous Mental Health and Psychological Health and Safety, each episode will offer valuable perspectives and practical advice.

The Calltime Mental Health Podcast will release a new episode at the end of each month until December. The Podcast will be accessible on popular platforms such as:

Links mentioned in the Podcast:


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