IATSE Local 891

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Employee & Family Assistance Program

For immediate help, access your Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provided by Benefits of Film - IATSE 891 Active Health Plan through fseap. All IATSE 891 members and their immediate family are eligible for the EFAP. You do not need to be on the active hour bank of Benefits of Film to access this program.

Call 1-800-667-0993 24/7/365 for confidential access to immediate crisis support, program information, or referral to a counsellor or one of the other work-life wellness services.

The counsellor can provide immediate crisis support, schedule you for counselling, a work/life service or to help you find the right resource in your community.

For Members on the Benefits of Film, IATSE 891 Active Health Plan

Your Benefits of Film health plan provides for a number of benefits that may be of help to you. For more information and a copy of your benefits program booklet go to www.iatse.com/benefitsoffilm or contact J&D Benefits Inc. at 1-800-218-7018 or email: benefitsoffilm@jdbenefits.com.

Your Extended Health benefits include:

FUNDS FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES: Benefits of Film covers a range of paramedical services and supplies provided by professionals, licensed and qualified to practice in Canada.

This includes $1,400 per person per calendar year toward the services of a Counsellor (certified or clinical), Psychologist, or Social Worker

REHABILITATION FOR DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: If you or a family member needs rehabilitation for drug and/or alcohol misuse, the plan reimburses 70% of the cost, up to $5,000, for residential and non-residential treatments.

For more information contact Benefits of Film at benefitsoffilm@iatse.com, or the Employee and Family Assistance Program at

1-800-667-0993 or www.fseap.bc.ca.